How @agencyaccess helped me shoot what I like...

For years I have been President of Noun Studios, a photography studio that based its name on the things we photographed. Namely... nouns. When I realized I was growing to be more than just a guy with a cool camera, I needed a name for the company. So in a torrid brainstorm with my wife, I listed out all the things I photographed to see if anything came to mind. When I stepped back I saw the list filled with people...places...and things. I essentially photographed nouns. So Noun Studios was formed.

For years I fought the common photographer mantra: you have to specialize to survive. My reasoning for fighting it was simple; If I only shot photos of left handed waiters serving chocolate parfaits - and nothing else - I would soon hate my job. Not to mention I'd be gigantic, because really, who doesn't like chocolate parfaits?? In this manner, I agree whole heartedly with the donkey from Shrek.

So, as a way to find a middle ground, I worked with the people at Agency Access in New York to focus my attention towards what I really want to photograph. I want to say that JP at Agency Access was very inspirational and I am thankful for the help she gave me in gaining a little focus. It is this focus that has inspired me to launch this Web site today.

What is it I like? I like people. And of all the things I've ever photographed, it is portraits of people that bring me the most joy and career satisfaction. My title may be President of Noun Studios, but who am I? I am Mike Moloney...portrait photographer!